Kathleen Turner has one of the most distinctive accents I’ve ever heard, and it’s been said its because she lived in so many different places (Caracas, etc) and she frequently picked up other people’s accents even after a short time. » 4/18/15 10:27pm Saturday 10:27pm

We get visiting reps from other companies 4-5 times a week. I see these emails come through fairly regularly, sometimes the day before the rep is scheduled to visit. And sometimes I get them from reps who want to avoid the embarrassment and send the email themselves ... but we all know what it means: they got the… » 4/14/15 12:14am 4/14/15 12:14am

That stupid, misleading ad made me tear up when the Mother pushed her daughter out of the entrance of Average and pulled her into Beautiful. But that's because I was drinking wine with tortilla chips for dinner and missing my own Mum. » 4/09/15 7:13pm 4/09/15 7:13pm